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Member Lists

Zonta Club of Mid-Maryland Membership

Linda White Andrews, Esq.

Phyllis Anderson

Nicole Barnes

Erma Barron

Maureen Braimbridge

Rhonda Caldwell

Marva Jo Camp, Esq.

Sandra Campbell

Paula L. Dawson

Denise Dobson-McDonald

Peggy Dolet, Ph.D.

Crystal Edwards

Sharon Dowell, M.D.

Tammie Edwards

Sheila Eggleston

Audrey Farley

Karen Michelle Fenner

Avril James

Eunice Johnson

Britney B. Jones

Tracey Tolbert Jones

Sherry Lake

Denise McCain

Roberta McLeod-Reeves

Tracey Mitchell

Virginia Moore

Marie Morilus-Black

Sonia Owens

Patricia Rosier, Esq.

Alice Ross

Felicia L. Sadler, Esq.

Stanita Scott

Tanya Shanklin

Quinta Spear, Ph. D

Maxine Summer-Clark

Andrea Syphax

Tameka Taylor-Melvin

Gwen S. Terry

G. Jackie Thomas

Trashawn Thornton-Davis, M.D.

Ingrid M. Turner, Esq.

Stacy Walker

Beverly White

Cleopatra White, CPA

Dianne Whitfield-Locke

A. Diane Williams

Giovanna Williams Hernandez

Terrie Wills

Josie Woodley-Jones

* Chartered Members since May 6, 2016

# Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs

^ Fundraising Committee Member